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Dedicated Attorneys Defend Arkansas Residents Accused of Robbery Crimes

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Robbery is sometimes misunderstood as theft plus the use of force. In Arkansas, robbery is a much broader crime. Any felony, such as arson or drug trafficking, may include a robbery charge if threats of force are used during the commission of that felony.

At the James Law Firm, our experienced attorneys understand a good defense begins as early as possible — in the investigation phase, if possible. The way your lawyer handles preliminary matters can set the pattern for future dealings with the government, so it is crucial for your attorney to be prepared at the outset. If an investigation leads to your arrest, our attorneys go to court ready to argue for your freedom.

How is robbery defined in Arkansas?

Robbery can be charged under Section 5-12-102 or 5-12-103 of the Arkansas Code. Either category is considered a felony.

  • Simple robbery. Simple robbery involves the use of force during a theft or the commission of a felony, or the use of force while resisting arrest for such a crime. Simple robbery is a Class B felony and punishable by five to 30 years in prison.
  • Aggravated robbery. Aggravated robbery, known in Arkansas as armed robbery, is a Class Y felony and is punishable by 10 to 60 years’ imprisonment.  The state can charge a defendant with aggravated robbery in any of these circumstances:
    • The defendant is armed with a deadly weapon.
    • The defendant represents by word or conduct that a deadly weapon is present.
    • The defendant inflicts or attempts to inflict serious physical injury on another person.

The government sometimes uses simple robbery as a way to elevate a crime that would otherwise be a misdemeanor to a felony.

Does the First Offender Act apply to robbery in Arkansas?

Arkansas’s First Offender Act offers conviction relief for people who have never before been convicted of a crime. Under the First Offender Act, if you successfully complete your probation and you are a first-time offender, you may have your record sealed or expunged in many cases.

The First Offender Act is not available to people charged with a sex crime against a person younger than 18. Defendants charged with a violent felony are also ineligible for the first offender option. Arkansas law defines aggravated robbery as a violent felony, but simple robbery is not considered a violent felony.

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